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Would you like to know the latest and greatest news from the Whizzinator Touch and other ALS Products?  If you're not following us on twitter, you'll never know about the Free Shipping or buy one, get one free deals we have!  If you don't have a twitter account it's very easy to sign up, and it's free.  We offer tips on how to use all of our products including The Whizzinator Touch, The Whizz Kit, The Lil Whizz and The Golden Flask.  You can also ask us questions about any of our products.

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Save more on synthetic urine

Looking for a way to save on your synthetic urine purchases? Well ALS has just announced it's new special!  For a limited time you can get The Golden Shower Synthetic Urine for only $12.00 each when you buy three or more.  The Golden Shower synthetic urine is the urine that has been trusted for years with The Whizzinator Touch.  It is chemically similar to human urine and you can not contract any infectious diseases from it.  

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World Famous Whizz Kit Instructions

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Happy New Year from ALS

Alternative Lifestyle Systems, The makers of The Whizzinator Touch, would like to wish everyone a joyful and prosperous 2015.  ALS is committed to bringing you the highest quality, American made synthetic urine products available.  The Whizzinator Touch has the most life-like prosthetic penis and no other product comes close.  When using The Golden Shower Synthetic Urine with the Whizzinator as directed, it looks and feels like you are really urinating.

When looking for the best synthetic urine products be sure to look for the ALS logo on the box.  The ALS logo is there so you can feel secure that you are buying a product that has been trusted for years.  

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Black Friday Sale

Alternative Lifestyle Systems is happy to announce it's Black Friday Free Shipping Sale!  Starting at 12:00 am Nov. 28th Pacific Time, any orders over $50 are eligible for free FedEx SmartPost® and orders over $100 are eligible for free USPS® Priority Mail®.  This sale ends at 11:59 PT on Friday, Nov. 28th 2014.  

For Purchases over $50 use the following code: BLACKFRIDAY50
    • For Purchases over $100 use the following code: BLACKFRIDAY100
Must use codes for discounts to be applied.  upgrades to shipping will receive discount comparable to free shipping cost.

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Free Stuff

Everyone one could use something free everyone once in a while.  Now we all know that nothing comes truly free in life, but not that much work is required.  Just a few clicks of the mouse can get you some cool stuff like lighters, stickers and other random swag and accessories.  Here is what we need you to do:

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Then send us a message on Facebook with your Instagram name, Twitter name, your name, address, and you free stuff will be on it's way!
*Limited to available quantities

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A Message to our Veterans

The ALS Team would like to send a thank you to all our men and women in uniform, past, present and future.  Happy Veterans day!

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Go ahead pee next to the guys

Ok, So you won't really be able to use the Whizzinator Touch to go pee, but you can act just like you are one of the guys!  With it's life like stream, realistic temperature and Synthetic urine that is chemically similar to human urine, no one will be able to tell the difference.  The Whizzinator Touch comes in 5 different colors to match your skin color, or if you want to get strange looks by choosing an off color.  It's silent release valve will put the final touch when it looks like you are really peeing when you are holding The Whizzinator Touch in your hand.

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The many uses of the Whizzinator Touch

Many people have trusted the Whizzinator Brand Name for Years.  But, Did you know that It's not only for jokes, pranks & gag gifts?  Many People Use The Whizzinator Touch in a more sensual way.  The Whizzinator Touch is the cleanest way to get dirty.  This ultra hygienic and sterile ultimate wet sex simulator is designed with sensual pleasure in mind.  Weather you are secretly letting the flow go or you and your partner like to change roles, The Whizzinator Touch is perfect.  It's silent release valve creates the most realistic urine flow on the market.  Looks and gives the sensation that you are really peeing.  Complete with one Whizzinator, One Synthetic Urine vial, and four heat packs, the strap-on is clean, synthetic, STI Free and effective.

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Refillable Synthetic Urine Novelty Kit

The Whizz Kit is the original refillable belt and the first unisex refillable urine kit on the market.  The Whizz Kit has been trusted for years and is backed by our Quality Guarantee.  This amazing package comes ready to use right out of the box.  Comes complete with over 3 oz of toxin and disease free premixed synthetic urine, two organic heat pads, easy to read temperature strip, 100% cotton detachable elastic belt plus a 60 ml syringe. 

 All detailed instructions included.  The refillable belt is a "gravity operated" device.  It delivers a toxin free urine sample through a rubber tube that is part of a light weight apparatus which wraps around you waist and is worn under your clothing.  The urine is easily delivered by releasing the two clips that retain the urine in the bladder bag.  The refillable belt comes completely assembled and is very simple to use.

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