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  • Fleshlight Girls® Kendra Sunderland Angel

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.0 stars
    Fleshlight Girls® Kendra Sunderland Angel
    Fleshlight Girls® Kendra Sunderland AngelFleshlight Girls® Kendra Sunderland Angel


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    Angels are spiritual beings created by a higher power. Kendra will help ascend you to a heavenly climax with her transcendent sensation. Featuring multiple layers of spiral-shaped pleasure halos to make you rise up and meet your creator.

    The dream of hanging out with the wild college girl who's down for whatever is a classic fantasy and Kendra Sunderland quickly established a reputation for boldness by asking, "What about the library?" The sensation will never feel as real as when you first encounter the initial "kiss" of the flawlessly arranged lips at the vaginal opening, an orifice that'll have you picturing Kendra Sunderland's arousal with every motion. Pushing deeper with each stroke, you'll feel the ultra-smooth half-beads designed to massage the shaft into ecstasy.
    The naturalness of the experience replicates the same intensity you witness in every video of Kendra Sunderland. A clinching sensation is generated by Fleshlight's distinct massaging nub pattern that includes rows angled inward, outward, forward and backward. Replicating the experience of having sex with Kendra Sunderland, the Lady Sleeve offers the same sort of wild ride the bold college student has been on since she first earned the porn world's attention in 2014.
    The Kendra Sunderland pocket pussy is a work that will take you back to those college classes that taught you an artistic appreciation of everything that could be interpreted as vaginal. With a flower-like bloom, the lips are enticing, inviting you to explore. You'll feel every inch the way Kendra Sunderland did when she was first recording in the OSU student library.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.0 stars
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