The Whizzinator Touch Vs Bacon

Ok we are not really going to compare the Whizzinator Touch to bacon, but who doesn't love bacon?  Just like the Whizzinator Touch Bacon has many uses.  We just don't suggest using the two together.

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Whizzinator in a box

Are you looking for that special Valentine's Day gift? Well look no further!  This Valentine's Day don't just get her any Dick-in-a-box, get her The Whizzinator!  The Most realistic prosthetic in the market and comes in five different colors! It comes in White, Tan, Latino, Brown and Black.  

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Do not use whizzinator in Alley

From the looks of this sign, it would not be a good thing to pull out your Whizzinator in this alley.  Please follow all posted signs while using your Whizzinator Touch.

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Animals dont use the Whizzinator

Looks like these cows are already in to water sports.  We don't think they have heard of the Whizzinator Touch yet.

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Whizz kit instructions

Can't find the instructions for the Whizz kit? Check out this video on how to use the Whizz kit!

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Whizzinator Touch Instructions

Did you lose your Whizzinator Touch Instructions?  Don't worry We have made a video of how to use Your Whizzinator Touch.  Check it out!

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Hunting Turkeys

This November as you're out hunting for your Thanksgiving turkey, please be sure to stay safe and pay attention to all signs. Especially if you are out wearing your whizzinator.

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Happy Halloween

You can use the Whizzinator to act like you peed yourself, without really getting yourself wet.  Have a fun safe Halloween!

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Hooray Halloween is here

Halloween is here!  Grab a Whizzinator and hit the streets! 

 Nothing shows you love Halloween more than a fake penis that squirts!

 Show the world your new costume but please be safe and stay out of jail! 

If its anytime to get your Whizzinator touch,  its NOW!   

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